Products & Services

Cotton and Blended Yarn

We can supply 100% Cotton and Blended yarn in P.C, C.V.C, and Free Ratio as per requirement of the buyers.

Carded Yarn

NE 6/1 TO 40/1 and Double yarn with compact.

Combed Yarn

16/1 to 100/1 and Double yarn with compact.

Siro Yarn

We can provide Siro Yarn from 6/1 to 20/1

Siro spun yarn technology has a difference with conventional ring spinning such yarn gets by double rove feeds to drawing rollers and after that twists like one rove. More smooth, durable and low hairy yarn produces with this technology. An addition, more smooth appearance gets compared double plied yarn in same counts.

Muline, melange and ecru types yarn can produce by Siro spun technology.

Traditionally, two-fold yarns have been used for weaving because they are stronger, and the twisting operation binds the surface fibers into the yarn structure so that it is smoother and more resistant to abrasion during weaving. The SiroSPUN™ process adapted some of the self-twist discoveries of CSIRO to the ring spinning technology of the worsted system, and combined spinning and doubling in the one operation. The technology maintains two separate strands during the spinning process, and this allows a number of fibre-binding mechanisms to operate before the strands are twisted about each other. An important aspect of the SiroSPUN™ system is a simple device to break out the remaining strand if one of the strands should be accidentally broken.

SiroSPUN™ is especially suited to the production of lightweight trans-seasonal fabrics, and a significant proportion of the world's worsted spinning installations have been converted to this cost-saving and innovative CSIRO technology.

Slub and Stretch Yarn

Slub Yarn

In slub yarn we can arrange from 6/1 to 30/1 with all required patterns required by clients.

Stretched Yarn

We can provide NE 6/1 to 40/1 with 70 D and 40 D or as per requirement of Customers.


All Possible constructions and widths of gray and finished fabrics in 100% Cotton and Blends, woven on Air jet & Shuttle less and Dobby Looms with all patterns and designs needs by our buyers with Narrow and Wider Widths up to 130" (330 cm)

Made ups

Whole product series of dyed and printed sheeting, cushions, curtains in satins, percales, special dobby weaves, yarn-dyed, etc. We can also supply all types of towels (Specially High Quality towels) made on Air jet and Shuttles looms.

Textile Waste

We can arrange:


Quality Control

We have complete setup with qualified / competent staff to assure quality of the goods and use too for pre shipment inspections for all consignments, also visit / inspect-monthly on regular basis to check the quality / machinery conditions to maintain their quality level and to help on time changes.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

We also provide services for pre-shipment inspections for contracted quantities.

We also provide pre-shipment inspection services for Cotton Yarn to protect / avoid any serious or surprised quality problems on minor charges.

Market Update

We keep ourselves well informed with daily fluctuation and keep our customers informed about market trends on regular basis.